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The AA top tips on car maintenance

Here are some Top tips from the AA on how to keep your car healthy whilst it is not being used. 

Whether you're driving less during lockdown, or starting to use your car again instead of public transport, it's important to look after your car whilst you're at home.

Here are some top tips from the AA to help you avoid a breakdown, post-lockdown so your car is ready to go and you can get moving when you need to.

Battery care 

To avoid the battery going flat you can start your engine and leave it running for a full 15 minutes. Do not leave your vehicle unattended whilst doing so and it is best to do this outside rather than in a garage. 




If your car's parked up for a long time, the brakes can seize. So while it's running, move the car a short distance back and forth a few times.




Check your tyre condition and pressure – look out for cuts or bulges, and get them inflated, if they need it. If you have one, you can use a tyre pressure gauge to carry out a more accurate check.