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Let us help run your fleet...

At our sister company, Southern Motor Contracts, we not only look to provide vehicles for a multitude of purpose, we also want to help you look after your vehicles. Whether you purchase, lease, rent or even run a grey fleet of vehicles, we run a full Fleet Management service to help you run your fleet. 

There are huge benefits to allowing the professionals (i.e. us!!) to manage your fleet for you. We have vast experience in cost saving, maximising efficiency and most importantly ensuring your members of staff are driving safe and road legal vehicles. To list the benefits here would become mind numbing reading, but one thing I can say is that cost saving is a vital area for any business, whether it's obtaining the right vehicle to start with, maintaining the vehicle, or getting an idea of costs of repair work before they go ahead. All of this will help towards a cost-effective fleet.

The best reference we can give for outsourcing your fleet management would be from our customers, who benefit from the bespoke service we offer, and with their permission we would be happy to put you in touch with them. 

One question I will leave you with... "When looking at new fleet vehicles - what type of car do you now choose? Petrol? Diesel? Hybrid? Electric?" Rest assured, it's a question we are answering all the time and there is not one right of wrong answer!

Please contact us to discuss how we can help further. This would be under no obligation and even if it is just to pick our brains, we can assure you there would be no pushy sales strategies!

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